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What Kind Of Story Will The Next Quests Bring?


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With update 14 we saw three new quests. Two of which are optional and the third one is mandatory for new players. After having gone over them they each add something to the story, but nothing of the past.


The prologue quest simply introduces the player and helps them piece together the ship. They learn that Vor wanted to capture and control the tenno as a gift for the queen.


Next is a quest about the new warframe. We gets bits and pieces of what are called imprints. I truely believe these imprints have a very handy use for filling in the past.


Then we get a quest about the kubrow. Im not sure what story is actually added with this. From what I have been told at the most, we get told why they want to tame kubrows in the first place. They being the corpus or grineer, im not sure which.


These quests are fin3 and fun. However, come update 15 or maybe sooner, I hope for more quests that add a bit more background. Im talking quests that start to fill in the holes. The codex has many interesting notes and entries, but nothing solid as far as a story goes. At the moment we do not know what this great war was, how the orokin or the Sentients came to be. We do not know why the tenno went into cyropods to sleep. We do not know why they turned on the orokin or why the orokin had feared the tenno so much that their soliders were skeptical of them (taken from mag primes codex entry).


That is where i see these imprints coming into play. If they were able to recover the memory of a long since lost warframe, then they could easily be used to fill in blanks about the tennos past. Even if you are not ready to fill in the blanks about the past, you could start giving us quests to figure out who the lotus is, why she cares about the tenno, why we feel the need to listen to her, and what exactly our relation ship is with her.


A lot of future gamers will want to know these answers. A good story can only help add to this and drive the game forward. It would allow us to get a connection with the warframes, or even the tenno who control each warframe.


So I must ask, please, with the next round of quests, start to give us some of the Real story. Not any of this filler stuff that adds nothing of value to anything. I would rather have at least 1 good quest that really fills in some of the holes instead of 3 or more that add nothing of relevance to the past, or current story line.

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