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Sahasa Kubrow Feedback And Request.


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Hello there.


So I just got my Sahasa Kubrow going, lvl 5 with maxed dig. Just to find out that they DO NOT PICK UP ITEMS.


If I recall correctly the description said something about fetch which lead to me and probably everyone thinking they would fulfill the role as the new carrier. WRONG.


They do not pick up items. They only dig credits or ammo boxes IF YOU STOP. If you are moving they will just follow you or attack if enemies. only when no enemies around and stopped will they dig a few items that you need to go get yourself.


Sahasa Kubrow description:


Enterprising Orokin genetic designers recognized that the Kubrow's affinity for games of fetch could be used for more serious endeavors. They soon developed a strain adept at reconnaissance and contraband recovery. Tenno often used the creatures to help resupply while in the field.



Well they do not fetch. I don't know if this is intended or not.



So right now I'm giving up on these skils from my carrier:


Coolant Leak



and the most important:





Now, many people will say they don't care for vaccuum while many do find this skill a must have, like I do. I am constantly in need of materials and farming with my nekros or just running a mission I would skip more than 40% of the mods and materials dropped if my carrier wasn't picking them up for me. Not to mention the comfort of auto-ammo pick up but that is something I don't mind. What I mind is missing important drops.




So as much as I love my kubrow, the kubrow idea or desing, sahasa kubrow is stupid and useless right now in my opinion.



Now let's also mention the Kubrow AI, attacking and moving patterns...how they magically teleport to where you are and other stuff like that.



From looking at the dogs when people have one in Sechura runs I can say one thing:


Their AI is basically non-existent. They sit around and get killed without reacting, their pathing gets them stuck absolutely everywhere.

Oh and they stand in front of you with their fat non-transparent body instead of moving out of your LOS which clutters combat.

^I'm not the only one to think the AI is stupid. But I'm not here to complain about the AI, the AI would be fine for me and I wouldn't mind it at all as it is right now but the fact that my sahasa kubrow is useless now has really made me sad after all the love I had for this update.
EDIT: nvm I can't live with the Kubrow AI, it's just horrible and bad...
(and I'm not mentioning all the platinum I used on my kubrow, that's all on me i decided to use it so it's not a reason to complain, but I feel like I just spent money on the most stupid thing ever.)
So I want to know if something can and will be done about this....Should I just put my kubrow in stasis forever and keep using my carrier? 
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You would think the attack mod for sahasa could make it ok but the attack AI is horrendous and broken he attacks already dead enemies or enemies that just died, the animations are always late and most of the time he just stands still getting shot

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Maybe there`s a bug with the Sahasa.

Last saturday I was farming for kubrow mods and I came across wild kubrows that didn`t attack me, after some time and making schreenshots I saw one of the kubrow picking up a rifle ammo box from a grineer that i killed and bringing it to a spot near it`s den.


I`m not sure if this was intentional to give it some personality, but I think it should have been the same for the Sahasa.

I`ll try to get in the same situation and make a video of it or a GIF.

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