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Kubrow: Stuck When Scavenging Locker


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Hey everyone,


a friend and I just discovered a bug when both of our Kubrows tried to scavenge the same locker on Jupiter:Sinai at the same time.

However, only ever 1 Kubrow would get stuck regardless of the rank of the scavenge ability. We observed the bug twice at the same location with different ranks of scavenge. It is the very start of the mission (screenshot indicates the locker in question)




Lodders & Atsam


Edit: Further observation of the bug revealed that it is in fact not a locker-specific bug. Whenever both Kubrows would go for the same locker, the second (maybe last if 3 - 4 Kubrows were involved) Kubrow to start the scavenge animation would get stuck in place. It may have to do with the second Kubrow trying to open an "already opened" locker...

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