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Would It Be Possible To Create An U14 Feedback Megathread Similar To The New Cht Threads?


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Now I'm all for everyone voicing their opinion and such about the new U14 (I myself have as well) but feel that right now there are too many threads being created that serve no real purpose. 


Now to clarify, I'm talking about the threads that are just one paragraph/one run-on sentence about how much you love/hate the new update and praise/hate DE. 

Its nice to see people voicing their opinion, but right now all its doing is creating clutter, confusion, and burying the threads that have actual constructive feedback.


Now the reason why I ask about making something similar to the CHT (Community Hot Topics) thread is that I feel it would help decrease the clutter around the other sub-forums, and help DE in organizing and finding constructive feedback.


I also feel that having the new poll options (or perhaps something like a question box that'll send the message to the relevant DE team) would also help to organize and receive feedback clearly.


And I apologize if anyone feels they were singled out/insulted about the one paragraph/actual constructive feedback line, that was not my intention.

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