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Please Separate Melee From Primary/secondary -- Weapon Elemental Fx On-Off


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In Options > Display, there's now a new option to toggle weapon elemental effects.


While this is great for me when it comes to melee weapons, it also disable ALL muzzle flare for projectile weapons if they have elementals, since the elemental effect replaces the default flash. Most of us know that elementals are pretty much mandatory for high damage, so it means that most of us won't even see the muzzle flash.


Therefore, my suggestion is simply to separate Projectile Weapon Elemental FX and Melee Weapon Elemental FX. I feel that the latter is very intrusive at times, and would like to disable it, while missing muzzle flash in most situation simply looks wrong. Separating them would be a win-win I believe, since it just offers more customization options.

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For melee, it would also be pretty sweet if we had a third option to have Elemental FX disabled until our weapons connect with an attack. After connecting, the FX would display as normal for few brief moments before fading back out.


This would be so that we don't have flaming hammers melting our backs while we're engaged in gunplay. 

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