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Grineer Bombard On God Mode


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Let me explain what exactly happened here.

That is Earth Mercury - Apollodorus, I saw a Grineer Bombard step out of a door and rushed right at it, used my #3 skill Paralysis and quickly slid behind it to do a stealthy stab. Things didn't go as planned and the stealth kill animation got me stuck "inside" the door/wall that was behind the Grineer Bombard that just vaporised as they normally do after death, I managed the slide out of it and carried on with the mission only to notice that I was being followed by an invisible and invincible vengeful Grineer Bombard I just killed.


I'm aware the "ghost enemy bug" isn't anything new and happens occasionally after melee kills but I've never experienced being stalked/chased by one all over the map, he didn't disappear for a good 10-15 minutes until my Nekros teammate caught up and accidentally killed it with his own ghosts somehow (Shadows of the Dead), only then the Bombard stopped shooting.


I suspect the bug was caused by stealth animation getting obstructed by the wall/door but still not quite sure. I can see how this could be incredibly annoying in high level missions though, hopefully we'll get a fix soon enough?





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