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Commands For Kubrows


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I just think that we need to have commands for kubrows including: attack/go here(and stay in that area until player leaves tile), stay by me, free roam. (Use power1 use power2)

I just think these would help since the ai doesn't look very good and it would just be nice to be able to do this kind of thing.

This for specters as well*

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And how to do this? Like the gear wheel? Hold a key or something to bring it up while aiming at something, then hit the option.
Example: Aim at a spot, hold key (or controller button) and select "wait here."
Or: Use waypoint to mark important enemy (or spot, now that I think of it) and select "attack."

So, yeah, thought as I was typing, and why not just tie the commands in with a player's waypoints?

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