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Things That Are Unclear Or Not Right


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I don't understand leveling. Not Warframe leveling but profile leveling. I also don't understand the Mod system. There should be a way to go back and hear the tutorials of things (I rushed through them).

Also the Co-op for me, really isn't strong. I join a game and everyone is rushing and much higher level than me. We were supposed to kill a boss. I wasn't even half way there and one of my team mates killed him in 4 hits! Seriously! There should be rank and level groups. I also found myself not knowing what to do. I had great expectations about this game, the co-op is what fell short.

I was also getting confused with the levels. They all look the same! I wasn't sure if I had jsut done the same mission or not.

Please help me.

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just keep playing missions man, try solo-ing for a little while to get the hang of it. The same thing has happened to me a few times, but typically match-making isn't all that bad, you probably just got caught in the middle of a group grinding a boss for xp.

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Well i can help with the profile leveling. The rest..well..take your time in learning it..its best that you do it on your own or find some people on the forum or in the globe chat willing to help out..

Profile leveling is like this..

It levels up by mastery points..not actual experience..

Meaning, one frame rank up is 200 Mastery points and one weapon rank up is 100 Mastery points


(forgot to talk about the mod system)

Each time you level up, you gain one mod point(or 2 if your thing,be it a weapon or a frame is supercharged) ranks up. Then when you have the space(energy/mod points) you can put it in.

In the top right hand corner of the mod slot, there is a symbol called polarity.

It comes in 4 different types,

The Single Line

The Double Lines

The 'V'

The 'D'

If a mod a polar symbol is entered into a mod slot with the same symbol, then the energy cost is half.

If is wrong, it is increased by one.

If it is in a non-polar mod slot then it will remain the same.

Ranking up mods is easy, (using fast hands(FH) as an example)

using the same mods,

Level 0 -> Level 1

Level Zero FH + Level 0 FH = Level 1 FH

Level 1 -> level 2

Level 1 FH + 2(level 0 FH) = level 2 FH

essentially it would be,

X FH + X(2)[level 0 FH] = X+1 FH

Using same polar mods( SPM),

Level 0 -> Level 1

Level 0 FH + 2(level 0 SPM) = Level 1 FH

Level 1 -> level 2

Level 1FH + 2[2(level 0 SPM) = Level 2 FH

Essentially it would be,

X FH + 2X(2[ level 0 SPM]) = X+1 FH

Using different polar mods(DPM)

Level 0 -> Level 1

Level 0 FH + 4(Level 0 DPM) = Level 1 FH

Level 1 -> Level 2

Level 1 + 2(4[level 0 DPM) = Level 2 FH

Essentially it would be,

X FH + 2X(4[level 0 DPM) = X+1 FH

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