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Movement And Combat Tweaks


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*first, I wanted to put this in feedback for the U14 stuff, but cannot find it, so I hope a CM will move it appropriately as needed.


I saw a bunch of peoples posts about movement  being borked, and  so I decided to go check it out. 

here's what I found:


:> if you switch aiming view to your left shoulder I notice that I tend to do a bunch of standard terrain navigation automaticly now. At first I thought that things weren't responding but then I slowed down and stopped trying to force it, and  many times while sprinting through an area I would go into parkour moves and speed across obstacles without any effort at all. 

*also  noticed a nice difference in both mob density and responses to me. I liked that when I ran the mercury maps I had mobs on the map more related to my level and equipment at the time I was running it.

*had several bugs to put up but the latest hotfix solved several if not all of them.


**while holding aim /rmouse button/ and then pulling up the scanner using hotkey (5 in my case) while targeting through the view finder of the scanner going directly back to the primary weapon, you can change the  lighting effects on the map. if you pull up the scanner again you can put it back to standard at loadin. this change lighting for me has a very nice effect on visibility based on map I am on. I don't know if that was intentional but I like it,,its like having night vision on one setting,, for caves and the darker grineer ships, and on the corpus ships the other setting highlights  the glow effect in background colors, and subdues the overhead lighting while inhancing the ground lighting. It seems to have no other effect in game.


***also, if while sprinting you hold your aim button then tap shift for rolls and such, you will go into parkour more smoothly, while aimed over the left shoulder. you can control your jumps, to the point of stopping in mid air and dropping straight down. I would like to see them add an ability to go from a vertical climb to a horizontal sprint while on a wall. 

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