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U14 Ui Patch Feedback


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We all have experienced problems before the patch came out:


-Failed Log In

-Countless Crashes

-Buggy interface


I must say, that this new patch fixed(for me):


-Failed Log In

-Game Crashing during Missions or when I click ESC to open interface


But I've still encountered with 2 bugs:


I was playing Orokin Derelict Exterminate with my friend, we killed all the infested and when we came at the last door, that would lead us to Extraction, the door didn't opened, we tried various tactics but we still couldn't pass through the doors and our Tenno died of starvation and we had to abort the mission, losing some mods.


The second bug i've encountered, don't know about the rest of the community, is that, when you open Mods, and go to the option to see your mod collection, I scrolled down to the bottom of the mod list, and the first column of mods was blacked out, the image was blacked out, but when I pointed my mouse cursor at it, the mod image and description was displayed.


If you want some insight of this Bug I can try to provide a ScreenShot of it.




The Patch that was released, solved the problems that were making the game unplayable, still have some issues, the biggest is with Orokin Derelict Missions, but luckly those aren't a primary part of the game. 



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