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Should I Potato Phage, Marelok , Or Dual Ichors



So I am a relatively new player and i dont quite yet have a Stash of potatoes to spend on my weapons so with my currently my last potato what should i use it on? I already have a potatoed boltor prime but phage seems like a great  weapon, marelok is my main secondary but i dont use it as much. And for dual ichor I use it for Lifestrike Rage combo on my valkyr so which should i potato?

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Personally i dont like tha phage, save time for Synapse when you get the mastery for it


I disagree with this. If you're a new player. and don't have all the crit mods needed to make the Synapse usable, then you're better off with the Phage. The Phage is a tremendous weapon with only the downside of needing to focus fire compared to the instant usability of the Synapse, and the Phage brings a lot of goodies to the table with its tremendous non-crit damage and lack of need for crit mods to make it useful. However, both Synapse and Phage need rare mods (Phage wants multishot and possible the nightmare mod for decreased spread) in order to bring out their full shine. All that being said, Phage is quite usable without a potato and can still perform decently.


Marelok is an alright pistol but not a personal favorite of mine. If you REALLY like your marelok you can go for it. However...


Imo, of those weapons, I would potato the Dual Ichor. I have mine potato'd and still can't fit all the mods I want to fit onto it. With the Berserker mod now reasonably easy to obtain from Dark Sectors (as compared to before) and some of the recent elemental/stat chance mods being a good bet as well, you can really build up a nice stash of good mods to slap onto those blades and easily turn them into a staple of your everyday warframe experience.

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