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Many Issues I've Encountered So Far


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No doubt some of them have been reported already but here you go;



- I have big freeze whenever something ranks up, both ingame and post game when I get the bonus exp.



- Not really a bug or such, but we can no longer upgrade mod directly from the arsenal UI, no doubt many people will agree that it is now a pain to upgrade mods.



- Alert rewards shows in the end game reward screen,  but not in the "post-game" reward screen  (I hope you get what I mean...)



- I've been in survival missions where the timer frozed and thus mission became bugged, more than once



- BIG BIG problem when attempting to join public games, most of the time I get session unavailable, I've also been stuck in the loading screen (funny thing is that I could shoot when clicking)

Also, for some reason the loading takes much longer than before



- I'm unable to sell a weapon, it's a melee weapon (a pair of fists, I'll get the name if it matters) and when I try to sell it it tells me "you can't sell weapons right now, please try again later" been like that for 3 days now, and YES I have another melee weapon (I know you need one of each)



- In my profile, I have unlocked all Solar Map Exp but my solar map progress says I unlocked 239/258, I checked every planet and all nodes seems to be unlocked

(Also, when checking your profile, the Exit button in the bottom right corner doesn't seem to work)



- When collecting ressources from an extractor, it also retrieves the extractor, forcing you to redeploy one? Wasn't like that before, not sure if intended




Well eh, that's all I found so far, to be honest I didn't play much since U14 mainly due to the game being unplayable so I hope that reporting issues will get us closer to a stable version. Thanks for your attention.

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