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The Mk-I Paris And Mastery Rank 1 Test.


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(In case you'd not guessed, I made this account to specialise in pistols. So y'know. The Mastery 1 'Primary Weapon' test is thus slightly more awkward for me.)


From my previous experience, it used to be nigh-on impossible to go through the Mastery Rank 1 test without investing in a Braton or other primary weapon to kill enemies fast enough. Sure, it was possible if you could aim for weak points and had something like a Speed Trigger on it, since it always takes too long to get a Serration, but usually by then it was much, much faster to spend through the DPS wall.


It is no longer so. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288817856


I managed to finish the Mastery Rank 1 Test with an unranked Mk-I Paris on my first attempt. Now the Tutorial gives, not only a Serration, but also weapons capable of doing a usable amount of damage even early on.


In short? The new tutorial is pretty great, because it gives not only more viable weapons but also a (weakened) Serration, which will both be very helpful to all new players. Just a shame there isn't a Hornet Strike there as well.

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