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Huras Kubrow Glitch..?


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Today, my Kubrow finally matured and as the topic says it's a Huras. So, while using him with Loki, I usually run around in Invis and first thing I noticed is that he does indeed attack while under my Invisibility without breaking the cloak effect. Odd thing is, Grineer seemed to be aware that he's attacking them even under my Invis effect and they did try to melee him and shoot at him but the only thing that he took damage from is the AoE attack that napalmers and other heavy Grineer do when someone is in their melee range. Oh, and also the usual, AoE, their missiles, napalm, etc.


So my question is, is this intended or not? Because it does seem a bit weird. Not sure if he was supposed to attack while under my Invis or he just isn't supposed to make the enemy aware that he's attacking them...?


Well, I have no idea so I decided to post this. Thanks.

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Since they changed how stealth works, enemies can locate you depending on the sound you make, or if you come into contact with them while invisible. This is most likely intended.


This is what I was thinking, but enemies react differently when I'm attacking them and when my Kubrow is attacking them. It's like they know exactly where he's located and if those bullets actually dealt any damage, they would kill him pretty fast.


When I'm attacking them, they do move towards me and try to get to the last spot they heard me from but they never shoot at me from a large distance, and they do shoot at him.



U14 just came out, I don't think anything is solid right now


Right, I just wanted to point this out, in case this wasn't noticed.

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