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Lex Mod?


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Okay, I'm confusing what mod should I give it.

My Lex just 16 Lv now

I modded it with

+80% multishot (barrel diffusion lv3)

+25% ap (no return lv4)

and a +40% damage (honret strkie lv2)

but it seems can't take down an lv20-30 enemy in one shot

so what should be modded when 30lv?

(i'll level up it to 30 later)

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What are you fighting? Are you aiming for the weakpoints? Maybe increase hornet strike?

Ceres boss enemies

Max out the hornet strike. The Lex loves it. Multishot is never really going to help you 1-shot enemies all the time (until you hit 100% multishot).

Do you mean max it to lv 10?

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