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Question About The Kubrow


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My only assumption is that it's a form of space-ninja-future gene therapy.


The egg you pick up is clearly a feral Kubrow egg, and the incubation process itself (the hatching of the egg) would have nothing to do with the genetic makeup of the pup inside the egg (assuming the incubator arms are just for heating purposes).


After it hatches, but before it can fully leave the incubator, Ordis is patching up the feral genes and replacing them with unstable but workable "purebred" genes for the original Orokin breeds of Kubrow. Without an imprint, which is to say, for your first Kubrow, he is simply repairing the most stable genes and that is the process which determines which breed your Kubrow becomes, as well as why all Kubrow pups look more or less the same.


Also, two realtime days is not enough time for a pup to grow into an adult; the glowy bits may also be expediting the aging process.


(I know that's not really how genetics work, but space-ninja-future and the Void tech is capable of stuff we really don't understand and which clearly violates natural laws).

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It means Ordis has implanted your kubrow with a time bomb and it looks like your kubrow is about to be puppy bits. The cover is put over the kubrow to protect Ordis's pristine insides.

Then you can use the bits to power up the Puppy Blender.


You heard it folks! Time bombs are the solution!

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