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After Update - Shutdowns, Disconnects, Service Stops Working . . .


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FIrst of all don´t get me wrong, I love that game and I love the new update (yay Kubrows), but since the patch the servers are very unstable, the game stops working at least twice in a 1 hour playtime, you getting disconnected from hosted games or from games you join more often then you can finish one and I also wonder what happened to host server migration. Why did you decide to throw it out? With the current problems of connectivity and clients crashing, wouldn´t it be better to put the host migration in again?


Anyway I would love to see some fixes if possible, because I´m sure it´s neither my connection nor my PC, because on all other duties and games they both perform very well . . . 


My apologies if that sounds rude. It´s not intended to.



Edit: I have to add that I just post it because it happened to me too often and each real player would agree with me that if it´s really annoying if you constantly crash or freeze (or disconnect from your host) and loose all your progression up to that point. Just now I lost 25 waves of ODD AND all xp I´ve made (as well the rank ups) just because I froze. And believe me that´s not really much fun.

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