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Hello, I am going to a family trip for a week and wont be online but my Kubrow is now hatching from the egg (the first part which you can rush for 15 plat).


I`ve heard that we will need to look out for our Kubrow health. It that true? If I leave him for a week, will he be dead when I come back? I`ve heard we can leave Kubrows in stasis. I believe I cannot now because it is still hatching...


What to do? Any help appreciated.




Do Kubrows die if left unattended?

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Or just to be 100% sure you could rush the incubation and put it in stasis immediately? 15p is still not too bad. You could trade some prime parts or rare mods for it.


You could just leave it and come back then but no one is sure at this rate what will happen. Sorry I can't help you more than that but good luck.

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