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The Amount Of Time Spent Waiting With The Mirage Quest Is Bad, And I Have A Simple Solution.


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So as a fair amount of people have said in this thread: >https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/267133-who-thought-itd-be-a-good-idea-to-have-three-12-hour-waiting-times-as-part-of-a-mission/


Wait times to actually move up onto the next part of the quest suck. 


For clarification and explanation: After you get one of the Mirage parts in the quest you must then build it to get the Hidden Message telling you where to go next. This means that unless you rush build the individual parts you must wait 12 hours to move on to the next part of the quest.


My simple solution: Have the next Hidden Messages appear after you get the BP(s) of the Mirage piece(s) rather than having to build the pieces to get them to show up.


This would reduce the amount of time spent waiting between missions, and all in all make a lot of people happier.

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DE put the wait times in there on purpose to make the frame take longer to get.


Just like how Loki Prime parts come from some T4 mission, so it takes longer since you need T4 keys.

And just like how Hydroid needed you to farm beacons so it'd take longer.

And just like how Zephyr needs oxium which must be farmed directly in a long process.



So that people are tempted to buy the frame outright.

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I do not think that this will happen in near time. It works as intended and i think that it is understandable (but it does not mean it's the best way). They want to sell Platin and their Mirage on the market, that's it.


Most of the people do not want to wait 4,5 days to get the Mirage and therefor are "forced" (it should not sound that bad, but with my limited english i cannot find any other word) to buy them for platin to get them asap. When it would be the usual waiting time some might consider waiting, but this do not count for this timeframe. Especially if you see in nearly 50% of the random runs at least one mirage making "shiny" things ;)

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