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Melee - Mechanics Suggestion


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I tend to see melee as a *#()# design. "Hit one enemy" when you are slicing pass multiple enemies doesn't have that good impression.

My idea is to rework the melee mechanics to deal damage based on the swing mechanic. If you swing diagonally downwards from top left, all enemies from top left to bottom right will get hit if they are in your melee range and swing arc.

Following this, melee attack mechanics will need to be reworked. Long swords will have their basic attacks there but charged attacks will be a swing down from holding your hand (and sword) head high. This will keep into the one-enemy-only hit mechanic while giving the aesthetic design of attacking. Dual melee will have their basic attacks be a flurry of attacks rather than slow basic attacks while the charged attack be a cross slash of top left and top right diagonally downwards. As for Heavy weapons, they will have their basic attacks being a straight attack whereas their charged attack will be a swing upwards, knocking any enemy still standing up into the air (air knockdown, you may call it).

This is just a basic design of the revamped melee mechanics and attack animation and should change depending on the weapon. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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