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***u14*** 5:4 Aspect Ratio Still Broken After Hotfix


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Hotfix 14.0.2

Fixed issues with ESC menu UI being cropped at 4:3 aspect ratios.



Ya, except you left out 5:4 aspect ratios. I know that things are moving towards widescreen monitors, but there's still plenty of us who are rocking 1280x1024. And it would be very much appreciated if you'd test out your hotfixes on ALL resolutions before releasing them and saying that it's "fixed."



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seriously... fix this already, the game looks more and more horribble with every patch and hotfix on some monitor, and quite a lot of us play in 1280x1024.


on a different matter, most of us HATE the new controller friendly UI and would very much like it if there was a menu option to get the old (and actually working) one back (which looked a billion times better)



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5:4 is still not selectable but setting it on auto seems to work now. the solar system still completely fails to fit into the screen and is huge for absolutely no reason with mouse scolling working the opposite direction it would make sense. most other ui elements seem to work fine now.


new UI is still horrid compared to the old(er) one, especially the mods which are now barely distinguishable from eachother. mod capacity is very awkwardly placed and not visible enough.

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