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Inspired By Update 14. Thanks De :) [Fan Fiction]


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I can feel them before I can see them. This fetid, decaying corpse of a ship writhes with maggots.

They are crawling, skittering, floating, hulking… waiting.


The walls themselves pulse with expectation. The vessel groans grotesquely as metal and flesh succumb, piece by piece, to infestation. That malevolent presence knows that I am here. It acknowledges me, scrutinizes my movements hungrily. It welcomes me.




The familiar sound of metal sliding, of Corpus electronics doggedly refusing to fail, even as the infestation reclaims and repurposes them. A door is opening.

My hands fly to my weapon.


A mass of misshapen flesh flies into view and my finger locks down on the trigger. With a deafening crackle, the air fills with glowing plasma. The charger cannot see as its flesh sizzles and burns into nothingness, but I am smiling.


We are Tenno.


Lightning arcs around the room as the single charger becomes a dozen, bursting through the door like a tide of pulsing flesh. I bask in the glow of heated plasma in the air, feeling the static flow from my trusty Amprex. I can hear my implement purring happily, reveling in the slaughter alongside me. For an instant, I am happy.




The leaper is on me before I can react, and its weight throws me from my feet. The Amprex clatters to the ground as I collide violently with reinforced glass. Somehow, my crossbow has made its way into my hand, and a volley of bolts turns a horde of runners into clouds of infested gas.




The infested fall upon me in force. They trample each other as they surge towards me. I can feel their hunger and their malice. The sinister intelligence suffusing the walls of this place has me in its grasp, and we both know it. In the distance, I can hear a faint screaming.


I am Tenno.


I leap to my feet and throw my shoulder into the oncoming tide of infested flesh, loosing a storm of bolts as I do. Yet as the infested fall before my onslaught, their brethren flood into the chamber. I throw my weight forward in a mad dash for the door. A gap materializes in the sea of infested, and I sprint towards it desperately. As misshapen claws dig into my armor, I can hear the screaming coming closer. I hurdle through the open door, leaving the mass of infested behind me.


A harsh voice fills my ears: “There’s a problem Tenno. Heavy infested presence ahead.”


I can feel that ‘presence’ looming nearby, and as I sprint, it quickly comes into view. It towers above me, and its tentacles wriggle as it drags itself forward. I point the ballistica towards it, but it clicks uselessly in my hand.




I collide with the ancient as I close my free hand, opening the ornate golden glaive resting beneath it. With a gesture I liberate it from its sheath and swing it into the hulking infested beast before me. Its blades rip through sinew and muscle before lodging themselves in the gut of the abomination. The screaming is almost next to me now.


I am a warrior.


The wave of infested are upon me again, and I feel a shock of pain as a runner throws its mass against my back and explodes violently. The ancient, seemingly undeterred by the glaive protruding from it, embraces me as a cloud of venom begins to seep from its body.


Dammit dammit dammit.



Around me, the horde of infested gathers, raining blows upon me.

The screaming is in my ears, now. It echoes inside my suit, fills my body, shakes me down to my bones.


I am Tenno.

I am a shadow of a dream, a dream of war and death.

I am he who stalks the darkness.

I am she who bends time and space to my will.

I am the elements themselves.

I am that which rages without cease, that which kills without mercy, that which burns yet is not consumed.


As infested claws dig deep into my armor, the scream becomes a cacophony. It fills the air, fills the ship, fills the

universe itself.


“You remember what they did to you, don’t you?”

I do.

“You remember how they ripped away everything you were, everything you could ever be?”

I do.

“Do you remember what you came to be?”

I am vengeance itself.

“Then return your agony to them a thousand-fold.”

I will.


The pain is gone. The infested strike with fury, yet their gurgling cries are muted, silent. I watch them calmly. The air around me is glowing; not with the sickly pallor of infestation, but with a radiance that has gathered within and around me. I feel a tingling in my hands, and watch as shards of glowing energy emerge from my fingertips.

The infested cannot see, but I am grinning.


In a blur, my body spins into action. The glaive clatters to the ground as the ancient encasing it is reduced to ribbons of flesh. I leap into the air, and for an instant I am suspended, far above the bloodshed bellow. Then I crash to the ground, digging my claws deep into the metal beneath me. The ground ripples briefly and then buckles, throwing another ancient to the ground. In an instant I am upon it, slicing into its flesh in a volley of bladed blows. Even as its twitching slows, I painstakingly dissect the hideous amalgamation beneath me.




Another door opens.

The infested are arriving by the hundreds, now.

I can’t tell if I’m laughing, crying, or screaming. I don’t care.

I turn towards the oncoming horde, and beneath the berserker’s armor, my smile widens.




my ode to valkyr and her new hysteria (if it wasnt obvious enough)

comments questions criticism etc feel free

thanks for reading :D

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