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Bugged Challenges


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Here are my bugged challenges:


Sentinel Profeciency 30. I have 4 sentinels (all bought from market) that are lvl 30 and I already got Sentinel Mastery 3.

Savior of Earth (I'm 184/258 on Solar map progress and I've completed Earth 100% ages ago)

The right tool for the job (I got 5 Warframes in total in my inventory. 4 of the 5 are lvl 30)



I wanted to contact the support, but the shortcut suggested that I post here.


I don't need the usual "Wait for the next update" response from users, as these issues have been adressed before, and there still hasn't been any resolve.


Please fix these challenges, so that the achievements can get unlocked.


P.S I'm playing through STEAM.

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