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Kubrow Imprint Trading. Lf Muscular Sahasa

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I`m looking for 2 imprints to get the kubrow I would really like to have as my companion.


Behavior: Sahasa.

Bodybuild: Muscular/beefy.


What I would love to have:

Fur color/pattern: It would be great if it had stripes or spots to resemble a tiger or a hyena, it would be awesome if the fur looks somewhat natural like light brown/yellow with darker brown.


It`s just that i would love to have a kubrow that looks like a hyena (yes maybe with stripes) with some cool looking fur pattern and a cool mix of colours. Like my first kubrow that I got is a white normal bodybuild Huras with white stripes and a beige belly. It looks a lot like a tiger and that`s what i love about it.


Whisper me your price (ingame/forums) or comment below.

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Your appearance before update 14.9 . (Sunika)




.Now his stripes and spots are black and with some white details.I have no imprints pictures at the moment becausa Iám at my work .My highest offer so far is 300  platinum for the 2 imprints .(Send me a message with your offer)


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