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Wonderful U14 Matchmaking (Not)



Ever since U14 has came out I appear to have been completely taken off the map in terms of finding squads to join, No matter where I go I cannot find anybody, And after waiting for about an Hour I finaly find one person then as the game takes 5ever to load (yes 5ever) they lag out as the last second leaving me alone. Prior to U14 it wouldn't even take me a minute to find a squad I have tried everything, I even asked in the chat If I was the only one having that problem (never doing that again) and they al claim I am even though I know I couldn't be someone please tell me what to do.



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basicly check your ping limit and the region as also the language of your game like europe + german = mostly only german matches

europe + english= europe inclusiv most likely russia


and so on so like your mod table language and region does the deal oh and if you got upnp and nat problem could accure that you cant join ppl or ppl that online are offline for you

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