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Streaming, Videos and other questions about NDA


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i am usually a frequent streamer, i tend to stream what ever i play / do on the pc.

so in short, ive been looking over the different EULA's and other policies and i cant seem to find if Warframe is under NDA (nothing is allowed to be shared) or is it allowed to stream gameplay eg. ?

Would really appreaciate an answer from an admin or someone alike :) ..

just so we can avoid an awkward situation where i do stuff im not allowed to :)

i read an old answer to a post on the forum where Rebecca said sharing wasnt allowed, but i tend to see people streaming the game on Twitch / own3d so the reason for my question is to get a proper answer on this matter as it is today :)


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As of Patch #5 the NDA has been lifted on Patch #5 content. All content from before Patch #5 is still under NDA, but anything from Patch #5 and till the forseeable future will be free to share. I would encourage you stream all you want, we must spread the glory of WF to others XD

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Okay thanks for the quick reply :),

this tend to add another question - if i play the game now with patch 5, how do i know when i encounter content that is still under NDA or is that only possible if i in some way was able to play on an older patch level ? :)

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