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April 10 Livestream: Thanks For Watching!


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We will post links to video here when they are available!

I miss the first half so I am watching again now. Seems good and well done to the people who won. I had no chance winning seeing as I am not a member of Twitch. So far there is a gap in audio around the 11 minute mark for about a minute, I don't know if it happens often or not throughtout the stream recording. Anyway good show.

Watched the stream now and apart from the thing I mentioned before seems fine. Looking forward to the hopeful Friday update.

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Thank you for the livestream. I love game devs who keep their customers informed. It's very exciting.

Also: if you ever get tired of those two big Warframe Tenno trade show banners and think they're taking up too much storage space. . . CALL ME. I have two spots in my home all picked out.

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