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Performance Dropped Again.


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I'm not sure if i'm the only one, but ever since U14 (just like ever since U13, and U12, and U11, and so on) my performance has dropped yet again, and guess what, all of the qualities are on low and i've turned off everything for maximum performance and yet sometimes my warframe has a lot of fps breaks.


Before U12, i could run the game smoothly with quality on medium and most of the options turned on, now i fear in U15 i won't be even able to play the freaking game.


I had already made several complains about how the performance is lowering with every big patch, especially for 32-bit users, my main problem is that sometimes while i'm in the middle of a mission my game freezes like it's about to crash and then i get host migration, despite that, sometimes warframe moves like a photo montage on a powerpoint.


Unfortunately i live in a country where if i can look for a job and if i get one after 2 years of searching, i'm already considered lucky, so money for new pieces is (so far) not a option.


I'd like to know your opinion (yet again) about this issue, which likely DE will not pay attention to it (again).

Nevertheless, ignore my grumpy mood about the low performance issue and keep up the good work, good day.(but please, do not ignore the problem itself of course).

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