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I think I wont be the first to say it, but I like them. I like how they have been implemented, and dare I say it I like the colour scrambler (thugh the options are a little low right now)


The fact there is 4 different breeds of Kubrow makes breeding them more fun for me, adds something for me to do with all my resources and such, the genetic imprint system reminds me a little of online pet breeding games like flight rising and such, with the genes of the offspring being based on its progenitors.


When more colours, and maybe even breeds, become available I'm sure a lot more people will enjoy them.


Though I have heard a lot of complaint about the colour scrambler being unfair or vey "PWE" when it really isnt, you are paying to change something cosmetic, nothing essential, its not a breed changer or anything, and most pet games I have played, again alluding to flight rising have a colour scrambler you have to pay for, if you could choose what colours you want you would only ever need 4 kubrows, removing the need to breed!


Some things I would like to see though would be colourable accesories for the kubrows like armour or even synadas.


Also I would like to have rare breeds or even "prime breeds" That would not be achived through the simple void harvest for materials but maybe a result of having genetic imprints of two kubrows that have spent a lot of time in the void, attuning them to the powers of the void and then using the imprints of these Kubrows on an egg making a badass void one.


Or as another possibility frame affinity for Kubrows, so use a Kubrow a lot with frost, it woul get ie resistance or maybe even deal some ice damage of its own, Loki making the kubrow be able to decoy itself and other options based on which frame it was with the longest in its life!


Any ideas would be welcome to this thread!

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How about using 2 specific imprints gives a low chance (15%?) of getting a special rare breed that has characteristics of both the imprinted breeds?


It'd be quite a lot of work to track what Warframe you used a specific Kubrow with, although tracking the number of Void runs on a specific Kubrow might be more manageable.

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