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Isn't Kubrow Maturing Time 36 Hours?



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Time for people vary from 26 Hrs - 36 hrs

the theory here is that it depends on how much you pet it


have had mine since about an hour after the patch, i pet him constantly and his health hasnt dropped at all....hes still not matured and im past the 2 day mark. Hes been out for 2 resets and is in perfect health. Petting doesnt do S#&$ lol

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It's two server resets. (same as daily logins and revives)

So it can vary from player to player.


Maturity is reached after two daily resets have occured since incubation, which can take 24-48 hours depending on the time of day the incubation process finished.

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Yes I noticed on my kubrow and my friend's kubrow that they matured exactly as the day reset (at 8pm EDT). Therefore, it's more likely that it takes 2 "resets" rather than a fixed time such as 36 hours. If your kubrow hatched at 9 or 10 pm EDT, then you'll have to wait almost 48 hours.

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