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Kubrow Update Fail:


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SO this hotfix oh just so promised that the Kubrow loyalty should be fixed by now. The thing is my loyalty is still at 60% , I even interacted with him to see if that would make him happy. The loyalty never went up. It still is the same is it was in all the other previous updates. 


I not going to just shut up because an update said they fixed this issues , they did not fix this issue and I have to proof of it not being fixed. I just want to know what type of operation you guys are running. 


I still don't see the description that was also said to make the information about the Kubrow anywhere except some added text about it. BIG HELP 



This is what Warframe has come to I guess.

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Is interacting with your kubrow the only way to increase loyalty, besides that, you gotta think about health factors, well I don't have a kubrow fully incubated, its 3/4 of the way done, maybe I'll see what you are talking about.

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