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My Dear Kubrow.


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Well the Problem with Kubrows begins with an array of things.

1. My Kubrow apparently came out of the egg colored like Tiger then turn white. When I had selected the B appearance selection he turn to his proper color until I finished my mission where he turned back white.

2. The Kubrow mods need their own tabs. Unless Kubrow and Sentinal mods will be traversal soon if not please fix.

3. When selecting mods while upgrading Kubrow and selecting installed under the Fusion category nothing appears at all.

4. Kubrows don't cheer up no matter what. I pet her a thousand times and she just gets more mad.

5. when a Kubrow dies it is permanent I don't mind it but if I revive shouldn't he/she. Or could they have a Bleed-out Like the Tenno it is thier pets.

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I can't figuere How to Finish Kubrow Mission past his Collar.

I keep getting the same dialogue every time I enter my ship:

The lotus saying how that the bond between Tenno and Kubrow is done and Ordis asking if I'll take care of my kubrow. I dont get any other dialogue from Ordis or the Lotus in my ship. Are you having this problem as well?

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