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Kubrow Egg Not Dropping - Rates?


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Some people got the egg in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd try. Some still haven't found what they're looking for.

All the people I know that didn't got the egg, skipped the prologue or tutorial, like me. And everyone I know who played the prologue, got the egg.


I need more people to confirm the bug or reject this theory, please, because it's getting weird. I did E.Prime more than 30 times and I never got one, and the same goes for more people.


I just want you to answer "Got it - skipped the tutorial" or how the thing was for you. Please, don't say "You have to kill the boss in Venus... blah blah" I know how to get it. And don't say I can buy it for 10 plat, I already did it -_-


Thanks in advance.

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thers a bug with the egg quest where jackel flags youas completed but doesnt flag you for egg.....run the quest with some other people if they see an egg and all you see are affinity orbs or nav cords your bugged....at 30 times you most likely are since most people are getting eggs in 5 runs or less

Ok, so the bug is not the one I was thinking off but the one you described. I only see Nav cords and Affinity Orbs with no text when picked up. I wonder if there's a way to remove the bug, otherwise, I will never be able to get one.

Some other people I know that can't obtain the egg, also gets the navs and orbs.



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