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Integrate The Old And The New...


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Folks arguing about which is better or worse isn't going to result in any real changes just frustration...


To the DEV's - the utility of the old UI is important to allot of people - the immersion of the ship is equally important to others.


So here is what I am suggesting - 


it requires a reformat of the NAVIGATION station - 


The planetary ring needs to be shrunk - just a little - other changes to the planetary orbit/design etc are for another time and place.


Since this menu zone IS clickable this is where we can best approximate the previous UI's utility while still taking advantage of the new 3D models


within the navigation menu -


1. Planetary ring to the center


2. Alerts/operations list - middle left - like before a clickable list - 1 click to enter an alert and clear notification of existing alerts


3. Party configuration - current party members and the + (invite) option to update the squad - independent of planetary selection - this needs to be easily achievable right away 


4. ONLINE/SOLO - option back to its prominent position in the upper middle - make it easy and fast to swap between modes without having to hunt for the option OR move between menus.


5. MENU ICONS - put the top level Menu icons along the upper right - with drop downs for sub menus as required - which keeps the user space uncluttered but also increases utility and access to menus.


6. MENU SELECTION - ALL menus MUST have the icon list along the top left - in this way you can still transport people from station to station BUT retain the ability to one click return to the main navigation screen





Do this and the power gamers focused on efficiency get what they need - one click of ESC and anyone who wants to walk around the ship gets what they need.


Give us the option to begin in "navigators view" and again those who want can those who don't won't - two huge camps of players both get what they need from the UI and your hard work is preserved.

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I am not concerned with changes to the start chart... those will come with time... i am trying to focus on the pitiful implementation of clicks per action and trying to resolve the conflict between the utility of the old system and the aesthetic if the new system.


The problem just isn't as insurmountable as people seem to be making it... integrating a clickable menu list into the various clickable menus rather than forcing players to hit ESC a couple times to return to the main screen before hitting ESC again to get back to the menus is the goal of this thread

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I just patched this together, is this more along the lines of what you were thinking of?




Something like that could be placed either as the ESC menu or as the main navigation console, and an option could be given to start at that instead of standing in the ship.


Edit: ignore how crappy it looks D:

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Honestly i would love to have the old one back, but i am also realistic enough to accept that its improbable. Instead I am trying to propose a means by which elements of both can be incorporated to provide a better experience for both "camps" of players.


No one is being a "sheep" here and honestly keep those comments elsewhere... the message of the thread quickly gets lost in the back and forth of "your a sheep" no your a retard... and so on..


Lets focus on constructive approaches to achieve the meaningful end of a useable, functional, and efficient UI without the name calling

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