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Earth Enemy Spawning


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I imagine this has already been found, but if it has I guess I'm adding to the data. Or trying to at least.


Was playing E Prime and came across an enemy stuck out of reach.




He was stuck under the lower pipes in the room with the small dam/ water lock. This one:




Also, here's the room's map profile (it's outlined in red, how helpful)




Here's a screenshot kinda showing how far below the pipes he was, if that helps (don't know that it would, but here):




I imagine he would have been reachable with a few powers (rhino stomp) but most frames and weapons can't really reach him. Since this was an exterminate it's kindof an issue.


Edit: while in this case moving to the exit did get him to respawn out of where he was, I've had stuff like this happen in other maps (it was a while ago) and it is not necessarily always the case that they respawn.

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