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Shred Gave Birth To More Mod Points


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My friend was asking me about my loadout on Dread, and I took a picture of it for him.




Nothing out of the normal. Then I decided to try and max out Shred after talking about fire rate for a bit, to see if it would cost anything, well looks like it did the oppisite and gave me points instead of taking them.





It should've said, "you can't do this or it'll uninstall, blah blah". Then just gave me eight points out of the blue.


This may not be related but, while I was using Dread, it was also coming off with a Viral proc. As you can see, none of the mods have any sort of element for my Dread loadout. If it's something though, my Dragon Nikana has the Viral proc on it.



I'm not sure if this is been reported before, all I see is Kubrow/Vor threads recently.

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hmm your conclave goes from 269 to 270 but the over all changed from 1128 to 1154 what else did you change between it not to mention viral isnt even shown as a damage


Erm, I'm not sure if conclave has really anything to do here?


Also, I don't have a screenie of the viral damage in effect, but I could probably get one later on.

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