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Fao Developers. Trade System Alternative ;) Stealth Clue(Link To Fatalitys) And Solution For Rushers Problem.


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I was not heard in livestream flood.

Have 4 suggestions, want to see 4 answers from developers.

Want to hear Developers mind about:

Forge system - there is example in Sacred Rune forging.

Idea is - let there be forge for mods and resourses, which allow to exchange 2-3-4-5 mods to another one.

Let is be:

2 any mods - random mod of equal rarity

3 mods of one polarity = 1 random mod of same polarity and equal rarity

4 mods of same polarity = one mode of equal rarity and same slot type(warframe, skill, sentinel, sword, sidearm, primary)

3*10 resourses = 1 new random resourse of higher rarity

10 any base resourse + 1 resourse of higher rarity = 1 exact new resourse of lower rarity to higher one

Rushers restricted system - just add vote by the end of match

Match ends - you can see players participated.

Then you just "report" rusher.

Next time you want play you just choose [V] accept rushers. Thats all - rushers wont be able to connect to game where they are not accepted and where they feel uncomfortale because other players wont rush.

an door by the end of level is good idea but for all (4) players, because some tine 3 rushers join one crafter and ruin the resourse farming and weapon leveling.

Combo system - let a chain of sword blows do some micro-stuns, that can not be interrupted by enemys under attack.

It was sad to be killed by lvl52 corpus shooter when i used Volt lvl3 overload with lvl1 power mod and then did jump-AOE with lvl26 dual heatswords with freez flame shock armor mods and +40% charge speed mod, then did 2 charged strikes.. and then was killed by rifle elbow hit. With no revive left tnat that was extermination and only 6 enemies left.

I managed to kill 50, just to die from kick in teeth. That is a stealth line? If there would be a combo - i could easy kill an single alerted enemy with sword while noone else can shoot or hit me from behind.

There could be finishing move avaliable for an enemy below 5% HP after you do combo. May be if combo succeed that fatality is automatical 1-2 random ending.

Pluss you can add some new mods for this. Lile combo damage increase, or strikes speedup.

Equalization tune - add some stuff to fill the gap of LVL30 and LVL60

Why dont you add an blueprint for some kind of Orokin reactor/catalyst prototype may be that adds just 50% of its origin?

That would help people to keep up. Because when anyone randomly lucky to became 30+30 lvl it goes way forward. And friends just stay behind.

Let that thing cost as sentinel blueprint, but it would be possible to pass outer planets. Especially survive alarms. Which is not possible for non-charged warframes.

Destress Signal(SOS!) - let there be an option to send destress signal to friends

That could even be a consumable that allow pop-up appears to online friends similar to Alert, hilighting that you need urge help. Jr it might be an option or some special terminal on the level.

Marker system - addition to SOS - existing minimap markers need tune.

Alternativelly to level bases SOS it may be you just see your friends who in game as floating markers over planets and levels.

So you can join to help if you wish.

Also minimap markers need to be fixed because some time they are much confusing because they show no level based on your Warframe position. It would be helpfull if markers would show if you need t climb UP or move DOWN to find target or follow waypoint.

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the rusher system can be exploited by trolls so easily.

Possibly. But if hot-&#! players would know that they will get feedback that would let some of them think about rest team.

Also positive feedback could be added there, like "supportive", "team-oriented" etc.

That is way to let people with similar interests meet and enjoy company of themselves.

Cockroach racing when you are not so fast as you thought would definitely teach some short tempered to see different point of Warframe fun.

Yes, me, personally, get annoyed by Loki rushers harassment. As Volt i can outrun them, but it breaks my desire for leveling sentinel and collect AlloyPlates for my Boltor.

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