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Some Kubrow Related Feedback


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Well first, great job! the kubrows are amazing and as stated before, more powerfull than sentinels. My first one is a Sunika, and let me say it, their rare power, the finishers one, is great, mainly because he doesnt need the enemy to be laying in the ground, he just charges and perform the special attack, the link mods can make them as tanky as your frame and I suppose even more if the mods are lvled up enough, and lastly thepack leader mod is a great way to maintain alive the Kubrow. Seriously, you guys at DE had done an amazing job with this project.


Now, there are some issues as always, the dogs are new in the end.


The quest doesnt finish after geting the collar and lotus and ordis repeats their dialogs every time I spawn in the ship.


To obtain the egg, i had to spend like 4 hours of pure e prime farm, doing like 10 runs/hour, increasing the drop rate, or giving the drop chance to the feral kubrows themselves wouldnt be bad.


The Kubrow mods are hell rare, I was obtaining like 1 per run if I had luck, and 95% of the times was either Pack leader, Loyal companion or Scavenger, the other 5% was just composed in 2 rare mods, the finisher one and the invisiblitity one for the huras kubrow, Maybe balancing numbers would be good.


To lvl my Kubrow, i take him to Mercury on Terminus, because its still the lowest lvl mission, and the dog was doing it ok, killing enemies in 1-2 hits and being able to handle some dmg at lvl0, then an arc trap below a stair was attacking my Kubrow without me noticing him and resulting on his first dead, so, why are arc traps on Mercury?, specially because the AI of the dogs is not the best, they get stuck alot. I see 3 ways of solving this: no more arc traps on Mercury, put an indicator above the Kubrow and in the map that shows his location at all times, or work even more on the Kubrow AI to prevent them to get stuck again. just my 2 cents.


 Related to customization, the emblems in the collar are not to visible, at least in my Kubrow, i think its because his body type is a little bulky.


And the color thing, I think( and it seems that lots of other people too) thats the worst thing in the whole U14 and Warframe market history you had done. Because I am getting something I may dont want by paying platinum. to make it short, why you just dont let us costomize them the way the frames and the sentinels are? you could say because geneticts, but come on, you even have the genetic tools on the incubator, meaning that we could manipulate their genes, not just scramble them, please just consider it, the majority of the player base wants to be able to color their Kubrow the way they want, not the way the scrambler wants. Please think about it, and you decide to let the things as they are ok, just listen to the players, you have always done that.


The end or something.

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