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I Just Saw Mirage's Profile From The Wf Youtube And...


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this game needs a /dance feature now.


I'm sure you know what I mean, the little emotes and lobby actions in most MMORPGs that allow you to do a little animation and stuff, there needs to be a Dance one now for her.


think about it. Mirage casts Hall Of Mirrors, then channels Prisim into the air. Insta-Rave


pointing and stuff could be useful too for some stuff without using waypoints, and dancing certainly would give something entertaining to look at while waiting for your allies to open a friendship door, or at extraction, or at an elevator. saluting could allow the player to give respect to a fallen opponent/ally, there's already a sit animation so i see no reason why we couldn't do it ourselves.

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lol I'm trying to get one of my friends help me by recording me using the breakdance stance (brutal tide) with hall of mirrors on while another guy uses the disco ball 

Edit: anyone want to help me?

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