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Mirage = R.i.p Eyes


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without a doubt mirage is easily the most visually disruptive warframe so far, for other tenno


i know she is suppose to be doing that to the enemy while entertaining the player using her and in that regard she is great (her model design is excellent btw!)


but on a team, with other players concentrating on fast paced gameplay - tracking targets, aiming etc it gets a little ridiculous when she is spamming her abilities 


its all good fun of course on lower-medium level gameplay but when things get serious you quickly realize how important having a clear line of sight was


i dont know how to balance this but its feedback nevertheless

only thing that comes to mind is a UI option to tone down all skill effects (more than turning off bloom) on the clients end, results in the game looking less pretty and fabulous for players who want and need to see / focus/ concentrate on the action (obviously some basic effects have to remain for feedback on affected enemies)


tl;dr - mirage is great but her abilities are visually disruptive to other players (solution is difficult without detracting from the game aesthetics)

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