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Scorpion Ancient?


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Just know I were going for Orokin Derelict Assassinate mission, when I'm were shooting crawlers and other infested, there is this Ancient Disruptor from far away and suddenly he pulled me closer to him just like how Scorpion do|


Is this intended or is it somekind of bug?


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Buff ancients so they can hook you across the map and drag you through the ***** mutalist osprey cloud. If you want to be annoyed, if you are in a really good mood and wish to have your day ruined, infested gamemode is the thing for you.  

Next they should just add a death timer "in X seconds everyone will get downed, because game is too easy".   

Really starting to get annoyed more than have fun in the game, at least for infested so far, it's just way to annoying to play.

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Intended :3 It's fantastic seeing Ancients get a buff ^.^


I was staggered by a volitile, then clotheslined by a runner, and a Diruptor pulled me into him and a pair of Toxic Ancients xD


HIGH time Infested were made fun to fight again.


If by fun you mean obnoxious and terribly designed, then yes, fun.

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