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For What It's Worth...


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I am not normally one to make introductions, but as I have found no better place to ask this, I guess I can make an exception: How do I switch this editor to plain text view? Aka.: How can I prevent that the text I input is transformed when I click on "Preview Post"?
- Considering that the WYSIWIG view only offers four meagre buttons, all of which have single-letter-BBCodes, it is a mere nuisance.


Even greater nuisance I just discovered: It does not seem to let be copy+paste from Notepad or www.leo.org or from this very post! Ugh, I do not think that I will bear a great number of posts before being fed up by that!


... Now about that introduction shtick.

Played Warframe for a while SOLO after a flatmate showed it to me and then quickly lost interest himself.

Had a large pause between Arid Fear and Alad V's smuggling ships, have been playing rather regularly SOLO since then.

Cause for the uppercase? I do not think that this will change: Time constraints, unwillingness to coordinate and weariness of your typical MMO-player (played a few - The Dark Millenium, some other 4X game I cannot remember the name of, Vanguard - Saga of Heroes)...


I was rather surprised that this game has held my interest for so long, and so I finally intend to use this forum account I apparently received by creating an account for the game itself for some bug and issue reporting regarding that same game.

- Nagging about shortcomings of nice things is a bit of a hobby of mine, I guess, considering that I have done so for such diverse games as Arsenal of Democracy, Space Empires 5, TES5 Skyrim, Kaiser 2, Mount&Blade, ... probably others, too.


Games aside, I am a computer science student specialising in agent-based simulation, with weaknesses for literature, philosophy and cats, a weakness in mathematics and a somewhat unhealthy interest in linguistics (that written, I like to receive comments about my grasp on the language - aestetic transformations may go too far to preserve comprehensibility at any time).


At last, as a special boon I will share with you, why I do not care for introductions: I cannot see how any of this information could actually be of use to anyone!
(Advertisements for complete Oxford dictionary series incoming in three, two, one...
- Do you, by the way, believe it that Oxford Press does no longer offer an original language edition of Shakespeares complete works since about 1987!?)


Now, if I preview this post, to ensure that all looks all nice and dandy, I lose the source, so either everything fits or cannot be fixed without bother... Mmh, decisions, decisions; nah, not really: "Post New Topic", it is.

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