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Occasional Freeze Up


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I started playing this game again after an absence about a month ago.  I have been having this issue since I started playing again.  I decided to wait until U14 dropped to see if the problem persisted and it has happened twice since friday.  


Occasionally the game freezes up so bad that I even if I ctrl alt delete to kill the game in task manager, that does even work.  It requires a hard reboot using the power button on my PC.  It usually occurs during the loading screen but also has happened in mission.


I was curious to see if this was an issue anyone else was having before I looked at it being my hardware or something.  I doubt it is my hardware because I only have this issue with this game alone. 

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I played U14 on 3 different machines so far. ALL three froze at some point. I didn't have to Task Manager kill it, but all times the game would freeze, I'd still hear music and then it would act like as if it was a pause screen without the pause.

BTW, I ran on an i7 OC, a old Dual Core chip and a FX8350 oc. Dual Core with an old Radeon HD 4300,the i7 with a HD 6670 and the 8350 with a Radeon HD 7970 OC. Which means, it's not really on the hardware

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I agree, it's not hardware, I ran it on 2 different rigs



i7 3630QM @ 3.2Ghz


12GB ram



pre u14: 120fps~

Post u14: 60fps with hiccups and freezes



i7 4770K @ 4.2Ghz

2x GTX 780 ti

16GB ram



preu14: 200Fps~

Postu14: 80-90fps with freezes and stutters


It's the engine

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While yes, I have experienced an overall drop in FPS with U14 and occasional momentary freezes, thats not exactly the problem i was referring to. 


I am talking about the game freezing and effectively locking up my whole PC, requiring a power down via the power button.  I am able to start the task manager by ctrl alt delete, but my screen is black and it wont even show up so I can hit the end task button.  I play in full screen mode as well, if that is relevant. 

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