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Message To De: General Thought On The Kubrow


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Just listing some personal problems I have so far with the introduction of the kubrows...Again I say its personal but I'm sure the general consensus would agree. Enjoy reading first hand thoughts of your fellow tenno.


1) Wait times: The 2 day incubation time is fine...I agree with it, just like everything else in the game has a time limit......BUT..then you add a non-specified period of time before the kubrow is actually useable (around 50 hours I believe)...so that means even if you rushed the incubation period like I did, you still have to wait 2+ days to use it.


2) RNG on kubrow breeding: So you're telling me there are 4 different breeds of kubrows I need to create and level up..Ok great more stuff to do...dang I really hate having to wait 4 days before I can actually use the kubrow but ok I'll deal with it, I mean a warframe takes 3 days...Ok let me start building another kubrow breed since I got this other one already..Lets see I need to find people selling some imprints to make sure I get what I want, Oh great! I managed to get 2 imprints of the same breed (You have to trust the seller cause nothing on the imprints says what is actually is)...Alright! lets start incubating...2 days later...Wait a second!!?? This kubrow is the exact breed I already created..but didn't I spend all those plat on those imprints and patiently waited all that time for it to hatch?!


3) RNG on aesthetics: I pay real money to have a chance of getting something I MAY want, rather than the successful previous strategy of just buying a color palette and paying a higher price but getting what I actually want. (because this is aesthetic and not gamebreaking stuff, I can let this pass but it's treading on dangerous grounds *cough PWE cough*)


4) Maintenance: Holy ballsackees I gotta take care of this thing like a real pet! If I leave it, it will lose loyalty to me. If it gets hurt in battle it loses loyalty to me! I gotta feed it stabilizers to keep it alive...WAIT the stabilizers cost how much?! I'm playing a game where I'm a space ninja and I gotta pretend I'm playing tamagotchi as well...that doesn't change the air of the game at all..


5) This will be fixed but currently...How do I get rid of my extra kubrows from my failed breeding?!


6) Complicated: I remember a key point that was brought up about U14 was how they were gonna make the game easier to understand for the new player...Top games that people are confused to play: Eve Online, Eve Online, WARFRAME, Eve Online, Eve Online...Now in order for a player to figure out how to get themselves a pet dog, ignore all the other stuff that's being thrown at them, they need to spend time looking through a well written guide...and when they find out that it's just way too much effort they'll just buy the Kubrow Bundle (well played DE). This whole update just made things so much more complicated rather than easy.



I am a season veteran at this game...I am Mastery 16 and on my way to 17 (hopefully)...I have a lot of plat that can very easily help me overcome the troubles above, but that's not the point. I cringe at the thought that I've spent all the plat I have just to get the same kubrow even though I did everything in my power to get something else. I can only feel for my fellow tenno who are not in the same platinum situation as me and are struggling to get what they need. DE I understand you need to generate a profit, but doing it in a manner such as this is not rewarding to the players and you may very well lose many loyal customers.


I trust you guys will do what is best for your supporters and make Warframe the best F2P in the world! 


- Master-Chiefooh


PS: sorry this post is a bunch of garbled mess, I'm tired from thinking about kubrows...



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