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Update 14 Fun Fact


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In the middle of the night here i find myself getting mad at warframe for some of the issue that has been happening to me when i was playing. The most surprising and simple thing that warframe did that made me more optimistic about this update was when i seen loadout option for the {warframe, primary, secondary, and etc}. I know some people that might read this is like why did he put this up here and my response to that is ...  Not to long along before update 14 I posted a topic about Color layouts and being able to save them to have color schemes and whatnot. I understand that the two topics are related but not the same. Being able to save loadout on the game was one way to make warframe more enjoying when you look at it from my point of view.


I have lots inventory weapons, warframes, and more so when i go to choose what to play with i don't necessarily stick to the same thing everyday. So having a choice to save a layout and play with something different later and save that helps me feel like i'm not being tortured into having to switch out stuff every time i wont to mess around and to me the small details matter alot more then most people think.



for making that simple solution  

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