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Do You Plan To Finish Adding Animations To Melee 2.0?


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Ok I tried posting this once and lost my post so I'll make this brief. DE has already said that melee 2.0 is an early preview, and that it's not finished yet. Are you going to finish adding new combos and making new animations for slide attacks, jump attacks, etc, relatively soon or is it on the back burner? I was excited for jumping in the air and throwing my glaive into the ground, and knee barging with tranquil cleave.

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I find myself not using the combos much. Actually, at all.

Some combos actually do good dmg, but most are just flashy animation viewer sort of thing.


Instead of adding new combos, I think they should focus on making each one more useful.



Not to mention they are a little too difficult to execute to really be bothered with them. At least for me.

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THe useful combos (my favorite stances):


Burning Wasp - All.


Reaping Spiral - All.


Coiling Viper - All.


Swirling Tiger - All except that hold e one.


Crossing Snakes - None.


Sundering Weave - Flash Flood (or something like that XD)

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combo's need to feel like they are there for a reason imo. I do like having the variety of ways to attack in warframe, but I only ever find myself doing the ones with the highest dps, especially when it's easier to pull off/spam. there are several combos I've noticed that based on your weapon attack speed, are hard to do, and in most cases, aren't worth doing anyway. Melee combo's need to have a standard goal or purpose, like AoE Damage, Single Target DPS, Stun Lock, AOE CC, Combo Multiplier for higher damage combos and maybe even some high risk/high reward combos that leave you vulnerable in exchange for a lot of damage like Cleaving Whirlwind does at the end.


I don't feel like there should be any "combo" that simply just does an average amount of damage, otherwise it'd be easier just to spam the melee button without using any combo's at all. Combo's need to feel rewarding when used effectively, or they simply just aren't that fun. Cleaving Whirlwinds spin move is one of the funnest in the game because it's easy to use, very effective AoE damage, but if you use it too much it makes you stumble over.


Crushing Ruin on the other hand has a really long delay before it's AoE combo begins, making it virtually more effective to just use normal swings, especially since the combo moves you so fast when it finally does the AoE part that it's difficult to hurt anything if you were already standing next to it. if the spinning AoE was really big AoE (like double it's size in diameter) then it'd still feel worth using with it's super long wind up time, and the long delay would be the trade off for essentially hitting an entire mob of enemies with a powerful AoE from your melee weapon (perhaps the spin could deflect shots like parrying as well)


similar problems exist with a lot of the other stances, where moves just don't seem to pay off enough. Orthos Prime is another example. It's much easier to spam quick melee with it, and in most regards, more effective. My Orthos Prime makes me feel like a sentient lawnmower that eats everything in sight. that said, if the combo's it had didn't force me to change button timing, but rather allowed me choose to do less damage with larger AoE by holding block, or maybe had a brief pause on the second hit that altered the rest of the combo to be strong Single Target DPS, then I'd be alternating stances all the time based on the mob I was plowing through (but instead the combo moves me around akwardly and throws pauses into the aoe swings for damage I don't need)

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