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Some Items Get Dissapeared


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As the title of this topic sais, some stuff in my inventory get dissapeared. I had an Argon Crystal, I got it doing a mobile defense mission in mercury, but, nowadays, it get dissapeared. In my point of view, the last hotfix removed that item for my inventory. Also, I did many missions on earth and I got a Kubrow Egg, but I can't find it in my inventory. A friend who plays always with me, got it too (also the argon crystal), but she can't find none of them in her inventory.

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Did you actually complete the mission you got it in?  Aborted missions don't keep the rewards.

Does the incubation chamber say you have an egg?


Yes, I finished correctly the mission


Perhaps because it went right to the incubator, that is what happened to mine.


thanks for the answer, :), I don't have the incubator yet but maybe if I build it the egg will appear inside.

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