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Friend/foe System Interface


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The website would really benefit from a simple account tracker list. Sample groups that would benefit from this:

-Clan members can easily find and message each other.

-Developers can keep track of certain members.

-Normal users can keep track of each other or more easily avoid one another.

-Players can keep track of elusive developers to more easily access their profile content.

What is the system? It is simply a list of friends or foes that you can access by clicking on your name/account and going to an appropriate tab or sidebar. From that tab, you can have easy access to all the members you have friended (or foed) and by clicking on their names, you can go straight to their profile.

It can also keep track of simple information to be displayed straight from the list like current activity and number of posts.

Friends are users that you like and/or want to keep track of. You go to their profile, click add friend, and they will be added to your list for easy access.

Foes are users that you just don't get along with. You go to their profile and hit add foe OR ignore (which would bring up a message asking if you want to add them to your foe list), and from then on their posts will be automatically hidden from you and they are blocked from sending you messages.

If you'd like, while viewing threads where they have posted you can click on a reveal button which will let you see a foe's posting (this is a common feature in ignore systems).

The reason why I put this forward outside of just wanting to improve forum experience for all is that something like this would make it easy for me to have access to developer pages. Right now without any dev tracker service, I have to manually go find a stickied topic to reach the developer profile and then view their content. Having a list like this will save me and everyone else who does something similar a lot of time.

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