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Stuck On Quest Progression.


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Hi!, Wanted to report the progress of my bug report so far,


two days ago, i couldnt seem to get the mercury segment


one day ago, after the hotfix i was able to get mercury and venus, aswell as the mission to terminate vor, 

Wich i couldnt complete,   the mission wouldnt progress even after killing said boss.


today, after the hotfix.  my navigation panel no longer asks me to kill vor,  yet the new missions arent avalible, at the codex it still says im on vor's prize with the added change of its picture aswell as the ''You survived vor's plan... but with the power of the janus key... could vor rise again?'' text


I feel abit stuck and wanting to play this game very badly,   invested quite abit in it already. just feels slow seeing my warframe's rank 16 while im still stuck in rank 5-9 sectors.

My objective for the post is the hope one of the community managers take notice, and ofcourse to gather support from fellow posters.    Other then the bugs (that i believe came in U14 but i wouldnt know as a beginner) this seems like a great game to let my time fly with,   keep it up!




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This "You survived vor's plan... but with the power of the janus key... could vor rise again?" means you've finished the quest.


To unlock the two others questline (that I have knowledge of) you'll have to go to Fossa (Venus) and beat the Jackal, then check the Codex for the Howl of the Kubrow quest. The Hidden Message quest is from the Market, buy it then craft it with the foundry, you'll have to run several Vaults in order to acquire the new material. Basically questlines aren't available on their own, you've got to trigger them.

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Sadly i dont have venus unlocked,  and no indication anywhere that it can be unlocked,

You should be able to unlock Venus by killing Vor and installing the Venus nav thingy he drops.


If you alredy have the nav thingy, but the navigation interface doesn't prompt you to install it, exiting the ship (going to a mission/dojo and coming back, or relogging) should fix that. If not, contact support.

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