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For Future Quests: No Obvious "go There, Do That" Please.


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Hey there Tenno,

Aside from the plethora of bugs with the quests...I quite enjoyed the style of Hidden Messages (waiting time aside). No direct obvious pointers.

You had to read and comprehend to know what you need to be doing/where you need to be going.

So I hope that more quests will be like that and not all the quests that appear in the future will be just "go there, do that" and then just shows you a little arrow so you know instantly where to go.

Because quite honestly...that is what 99% of online games with quests do...and Warframe can do better than that. So please DE...once all the kinks are worked out and you have more new quest material to deliver... think about keeping it low with the quest pointers and actually force us to at least think a TINY LITTLE BIT.

It would also set WF apart from literally (almost) every other online game with quests.

Edit: Furthermore they shouldn't just be generic mission playthroughs but offer unique challenges...because otherwise we would just be playing generic missions with just some added dialogue before them... It wouldn't even take much to change that...Im not speaking about just slamming cutscenes everywhere. Little things.

Special enemy conflicts that wouldn't usually occur. Appearance of characters that aren't a part of the regular mission run. Or limitations that force you to think differently (solve that mission without being seen once, you only have your melee weapon...etc)

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+1 just for the title.


More thinking in quests! Make it feel like La-Mulana!


((no, please DON'T actually make it that hard x.x ))


EDIT: I should Specify La-Mulana's puzzles are punishingly difficult. as in, if you don't step in front go the exact block, or whip the right thing, can't go into the next area.

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For endgame quests, okay, but not for rank0-lvl1-Excalibur players... They already feel a little lost now that U14 changed some stuff, so they should make this world familiar first.

Just because I mean no pointers I don't mean that they have to be super hard. There are still ways to make people think even if they are new to the game.

And nothing is wrong with having a few pointer quests as long as they're engaging.

The prologue is such an example....it's a full on pointer quest...but if every quest spoonfed us what to do 100% then it will be boring for new and old players alike really fast.



all can us a wiki for help and not all speak good english to understand ill the ridels or maybe not smart enoff to understand the riddle like i do somtime 

Many languages are supported....and just because that language happens to not be supported or a few people won't be able to understand it well doesn't mean everyone should be playing all the quests in an easy "go there , shoot that" mode all the time.

And if you really can't figure it out...like you said...you can just use the wiki or ask other players for help. I don't think that the game should be "dumbed down" for everyone simply to avoid a possible problem with a fraction of the playerbase facing a small language barrier.

If you play a game made by a native english speaking developer you would have to expect that the game will be best if you understand that language.

Just like how a Korean mmo would always deliver a superior experience if you actually understand Korean since translations only go so far (culture is a thing that likes to get lost in translation ;p)

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